How does it works?

In case of a cybersecurity incident (ransomware, phising, data loss, …) the healthcare organization will follow the standard procedure by contacting their Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team (CERT) assigned to them. If none is available directly to you, get in touch with the national by phone at +32 (0) 2 501 05 60 encrypted email or by regular mail using cert @ or your local CERT will collect the necessary information into one central organization as part of the Center for CyberSeurity Belgium (CCB). This is the official Belgian center supported by the federal government to support CyberSecurity incidents in Belgium. A series of questions will be asked, which could be of technical nature. Prepare yourself and a team to answer or follow-up on these questions.

In case of an incident, a team of CyberSecurity specialists from the CERT will provide you support and advice on next steps. The CCB – can call upon a group of individual volunteers to support them and you in case of a crisis, major incident or issue that requires additional support. The CCB – can also call upon the support of the companies listed here below.

But if it is qualified that there is not a real cybersecurity incident, but the organization is in need of additional support, it can be proposed that you could contact one of the services and technology providers of this list for further immediate support. On the basis of your consent, the intake conversation, your location, qualified need for support, availability,… and the service offering, you will be put in touch with one or multiple providers.

From that moment, you will be able to work with the best matching services or technology providers. They will provide you with a standard offering following the described free services, and you can work directly following your needs and requirements with this cybersecurity provider. will maintain contact as intermediary with you and the CyberSecurity services provider to ensure quality and required support, and will mediate when necessary.

Some providers provide preventative services as well, in order for you to be more CyberSecure and to ensure you are better protected and prevent CyberSecurity incidents and attacks such as Ransomware, Phising Attacks, Application Security,…

Recent information has indicated that even cybercriminals can have the decency of not abusing the stress situation of the current world crisis. But others are seizing the opportunity to exploit the weaknesses of the technology, the lack of attention on cybersecurity due to other priorities, or maliciously abusing other weaknesses of our healthcare organizations and caretakes. Recent incidents have been taking place in hospitals around the world and in neighboring countries. Our experts are continuously monitoring malicious activities and intent and provide intelligence and information to the hospitals and caretakers. We are there to help fight CyberSecurity incidents from happening; is a collective initiative from the CyberSecurity Industry with the support of the CCB and Smals. We thank everyone in their contribution in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus, Stay Healthy but also in cyberspace!